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SiC Business Consultancy is a wings of SIC Corporation working as Digital Marketing Agency. We provide eye catching Professional WordPress Website with lots of function. We also provide Graphic Design work and Digital Marketing services including advance SEO.  We provided business solution to 800+ clients both local & foreign.

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Starting from Web Design&  SEO services to comprehensive service
related to advertising your brand.

Web Design

SIC will ensure you professional gorgeous website for your business development.


SEO & Speed Optimization

We can bring you on the 1st page of Google. Your Business fast with our best service.


Client & Sale Targeting

We offer digital strategy, planning & creativity, resulting in fully managed to bring outstanding result.


Let the facts convince you

We have always dreamed of the diversification and expansion of its current business operations. Due to this motivation, we now has 11 different businesses operating since its inception.

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SIC is a Business Consultant who is always on the run to find the right fit to deliver the projects we have from our clients. We are also an experienced Human Capital Development Consultant with significant achievement in Entrepreneurship Development. If you have any need to start or scale up your business, we would be your go to person. We can assist your good through various needs, from business idea to validation, go to market strategy. Ideally, the most important skill we think that would be a great asset to you and your business would be our ability to comprehend and deliver.

– S. Sultana, Co-Founder


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We are promised to provide our client the best unique professional design.

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